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Pricing - Free Business Registration and Post Creation Special

Special applicable until end June 2016.

Individual posts:

(applicable to both private and business sellers)

R100-00 each for 30 days

R175-00 each for 60 days

R225-00 each for 90 days

Business profiles:

R2,400-00 for 12 months

(All the above are calculated from the date of posting; i.e. not calendar months).

Payment terms and conditions

Specific terms and conditions, to which all sellers agree, are:

Private sellers

Payment is to be made in advance. No posts will be accepted until Take-off has received confirmation that payment has been received. Dependent on the payment method chosen, this may be instant.

Business sellers

Business sellers who elect to avail themselves of the premium ‘Business Profiles’ may make their posts immediately they have completed the registration procedures. Credit will be granted on the basis that they undertake to pay by direct Electronic Funds Transfer into Take-off’s nominated bank account within 35 days from the end of the month during which the post was made. If any business seller does not make payment within this timeframe, the seller’s business profile and any individual posts made will immediately be deleted. Take-off reserves the right to take reasonable steps to recover the debt and reasonable costs, disbursements and fees, including but not limited to attorney’s fees, incurred in recovering the debt.

All sellers

No refunds will be made in respect of business profiles or postings cancelled by sellers.

Methods of making payment

Payment may be made as follows:

PayFast (Private sellers)

The PayFast system offers a variety of payment methods which, for your security, are independent of our website. When you register and create a post, the PayFast button will be accessible to you. (Business sellers may also choose to utilize the PayFast system, if they so wish.)

Electronic funds transfer (EFT) (Business sellers)

You may make payment directly into our bank account by EFT. When you register your business or create a post, our bank account details will be provided to you.